One is a psychologist - the other needs one.

What happens when these guys get together?  They talk about things that grab them. Have a listen – see if it doesn’t grab you, too.


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K and K Show - Kurre and Klapow
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Tony Kurre


Tony Kurre, the anointed "Legend of Radio" started his broadcasting career at age 14. Having worked in Cincinnati and Louisville,he's been a southerner in Birmingham since 1988. Having sat on a billboard for 3 weeks til Bama won a game during Stallings first year,to jumping 30 feet with a donkey into 4 feet of water to sitting in every seat at Legion field for charity,no stunt is too blunt. Tony's wife Nancy and their 3 children are his pride and joy and the Kurre family has ultimately been inspired by their family dynamics to help all those with special needs thru The Brighthouse Foundation. While sports is a big passion,the opportunity to grow and learn through new relationships inspires everything Tony does.  Want more info on Tony?- Check out:


Joshua Klapow, Ph.D.  (aka Dr. Josh) is a licensed clinical psychologist and an Associate Professor of Public Health at The University of Alabama at Birmingham. Dr. Josh works extensively with local and national media outlets as a Psychological Correspondent.  He routinely provides expert commentary in the role of psychological, behavioral and social factors across a broad range of news topics.  Dr. Josh brings psychological insights to topics including health and well-being, mental health, sports, politics, crisis and disaster, parenting, relationships and more.  He has made over 800 media appearances across a variety of television and radio outlets.   He is regular guest on The Weather Channel, AMHQ, and Weather Underground TV: discussing how weather, climate, emotions and behaviors impact one another.  ​On radio, Dr. Josh is a regular contributor for Cumulus Radio 94.5FM WJOX, The Opening Drive, providing listeners with insights about the psychology of sports.  He is also the resident psychologist for Cumulus radio  Real Talk 99.5FM WZZR - The Matt and Aunie Show, where he discusses the intersection between politics, psychology and life.  Dr. Josh has a very public persona working with media outlets. That public persona is contrasted with confidential private services for individuals who need tailored guidance and support. It is this combination of public health service and private services that allow Dr. Josh to “practice what he preaches”.  Husband, father, dog lover and gym rat-  that’s Dr. Josh. Want more info on Dr. Josh?- Check out: